Katie + Nick's Most Fantastic DIY Warehouse Wedding OF ALL TIME

by Jenny Ford

Where does one EVEN BEGIN when you are SO FRIGGIN LUCKY as to book clients like Katie & Nick? 

I think I will start here, a lot of times people may perceive event planners as the creative geniuses behind as the things that happen at a wedding. And, I guess, sometimes that's true. But, here is the reality, if you do it right, the clients are always the geniuses, and the event planner is a conduit. Or, since hey yeah kids- I learned my craft through film school, the clients are the directors and the event planners are a production team/art department combo. 

In the case of Nick and Katie- they get ALL OF THE CREDITS. Seriously, Katie and her Maid of Honor Made EVERYTHING. I think I got lucky in snagging these fantastic clients, by sharing a love for their aesthetic, and by taking so much joy in personalizing weddings. I LOVE clients who want to do things as they see fit, "rules" be damned. 

So, check this out. Katie and Nick had a ceremony at 8 PM, beautiful and spiritual, with a thousand (the quantity may slightly exaggerated) candles glowing in the background. Directly after the ceremony, guests were invited to a dessert bar, a real bar- dranks- and dancing. They did the traditional dances, with an awesome kick off waltz from the couple, and let the party continue. And even though is was POURING outside ALL DAY, I guarantee you every single guest left that wedding remembering it as the BEST EVER. (Getting pizza on your way out the door can only leave you with GOOD FEELS. )

Because Katie & Nick choose their home church as their wedding venue, they had a few extra days for set up prior to the wedding. Nick & Katie set up everything they wanted to/could prior to the wedding. We had worked very carefully to document all of decor and set up, so when I came into the venue early the morning of the wedding, I could immediately assess what items were left to be accomplished. In their case, I arranged simple bud vases with flowers that were delivered in the morning, set the display stations, the candles at the altar, set the chairs in place, and myriad of the tasks as per what Katie wanted, all while keeping the event day timeline on track. (For those curious, every client is different, but this is pretty typical how we would work with highly DIY clients as a day of coordinator.)

I hope you enjoy photos of one of my all time favorite weddings ever! 


THE VISIONARY ARTIST COUPLE THAT IS KATIE & NICK... ( or maybe just Katie:p) for all the the decor, design, signs, ideas

Day of Coordinator, Hands on Set-Up/ Break-Down/ and light flower arranging: Muse & Delphia    Photographer Magician: Amy of Sunshower Photography    Venue: Warehouse 242  // Doughnuts By Joe's Doughs  // Cupcakes by Polka Dot Bake Shop  // Pizza: Jet's Pizza // DJ: DJ Skid