Monet and Sarah's Mucha Inspired Wedding

by Jenny Ford

Generally speaking, I'm a champion at keeping it together during the very touching moments of a wedding. It's not that I don't feel the love, or that I'm not moved by those monumental moments in my clients-turned-friends weddings, but it's my job. (Someone has to keep it together to keep the day moving smoothly, and that's going to be me gosh darn it!!- or at least that's how my inner dialogue keeps me going.) 

But I'll be the first to admit, I've never cried so many tears of joy during a wedding, and if I'm being totally honest, I still well with tears at just the thought of this couple. 

Let me go back to the beginning. Sarah & Monet reached out to me for help after having some troubles with their first booked wedding planner. I'm not sure who the person was, nor do I care, but it seemed they got perhaps a little too booked and didn't quite know what to do. To that person, let me say, "THANK YOU" for bringing me some dream clients, though I do feel for the stress that befell Sarah & Monet. 

We sat down at a Panera in Atlanta where I was immediately moved by the kind and calm spirits of these two insanely talented and and hardworking women. They told me about their work, and how Monet was in the process of working and studying for her bar exam. I could not be more inspired by them. They told me that very few wedding planners in their area offered services for same sex weddings (or, as I prefer to call them, weddings...) I tried very hard to maintain my professionalism and not go into an angry rant about how unfair and cruel that was. I can't remember if I succeeded or not. 

Fast forward a few months into our process and I received the most amazing email of my life. I printed it out and I keep it in my desk drawer for the days I get stressed and wonder "What am I doing with my life?" Among the amazing things in that email one line sticks with me the most, "When I woke up yesterday, we could not get married here, and when I woke up today, there is full marriage equality in this country. It is such an amazing thing."

If you are not crying now, you may not have a heart... just saying.

Aside from the fact that Monet and Sarah's design and ideas were AMAZING, on top of the fact that the invitations and florals were KILLER, the day was one of the most moving days for me ever. I got to witness two people get married, who love each other endlessly, just like I do almost every weekend, but this time it was different. I felt like I was witnessing a little piece of history that was REALLY REALLY GOOD. I couldn't be happier for Sarah & Monet and I will love and cherish them and this day forever.  

Full Service Planning: Muse & Delphia  // Venue: The Mary Gay House // Catering: Louis Kingsley // Cake: Cake Hag // Florist: Victory Blooms

Photography by: Bri McDaniel