Amanda + Jimmy's Big Sur Elopement

by Jenny Ford

First of all, I have to admit, with the crazy hectic schedule a wedding planner gets into, sometimes it's hard to find to time to blog about your your work, because, well, you are too busy actually working. 

While I have a slew of posts that I'm dying to get up, when Amanda sent me her gorgeous photos from Tyler Branch Photography, I couldn't help but stop everything and share my love. ( Hey, what the hell, I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

A little backstory. Amanda reached out to me initially to help her with a fabulous woodlands whimsy style wedding that she was planning for herself and Jimmy, but from the very first consultation, she would wistfully comment about how she had always dreamed of eloping. 

When she contacted me later, to say that she had was going to pursue her heart, instead of doing to full blown out wedding, I couldn't help but to immediately know that her and her fiancé were making the right choice. 

I was so honored when Amanda ask me to continue to help her through consultation as she planned her and Jimmy's Big Sur Elopement. 

An amazing wedding photographer herself, I was no where near surprised when I saw the amazing images that come out of there gorgeous day. 

I have a feeling that Amanda and I may have plenty of more keep an eye open.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this. 

Other fabulous credits go to: 

Willow & Plum Event Floral and Decor
Katrina Michelle Christensen
Weddings In Monterey