Series: Honeymoon Adventures - Barcelona

by Jenny Ford

Our final stop on our honeymoon was Barcelona. This was our second trip to the city together, but my husband spent his teenage years there. Our first trip, we were incredibly blessed to be hosted by his parents, and we spent our whole Christmas break (which was about three weeks) there. It never gets boring. As much as we both loved exploring other cities, and we still have a long laundry list of all the places we’d like to go *next, I think Barcelona is going to always be a favorite for us.

Barcelona is a city that is really unlike any other. It is clean and cultured. The architecture is incredible and diverse. I mean, it is here that Gaudi created his most famous work, and I would have to argue that he is one of the most creative people to have ever lived. The city is also nearby to the home to Salvador Dali, again one of my favorite artists and rivaled in creativity by few.

I think this passion for creative excellence is still alive and well in Barcelona. One of my favorite things about the city is how almost every shop, restaurant, and workspace is exquisitely designed and creatively branded. No two places are alike. It is a visual smorgasbord.

This time around our stop in the city was only 2 ½ days. The most influential aspect for me was definitely going inside Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Construction on this epic cathedral began over 100 years again and is still in progress today. They say the interior is mostly finished, but the exterior is still at least 10 years from its final destination.


One side of the building  (the nativity façade) features Gaudi’s typical and famous motif of natural elements, trees, fruits, animals, while the other side has a very unique cubist biblical motif (the passion façade). While the exterior of the cathedral is very gothic in nature, the interior is a completely different, breathe-taking experience. I cannot think of any other architectural design with which it can be likened. The interior is a masterpiece of light. It is as if you are entering a white stone forest. The stained glass windows, shift from colored glass nearest to the ground, to white nearest to the sky. This creates the illusion of being outside where the sun filters through the trees and woods creating a spectrum of colors, but the light from the sky is pure. The light source of the “sun” in the interior is, of course, what represents God.


The remainder of the trip mostly consisted of strolling and the best food ever.  Nick took me to his favorite place for crepes in high school. We visited one of Nick’s parents’ favorite restaurants, and one of our hosts. We enjoyed the coolest air bnb that we stayed in our whole trip.


It was the perfect end to a perfect trip.


Next? Prague? Brussels? What is your favorite city? I would love to continue to write about cities for a honeymoon “ideas” series and would love your input.


Until next time,