Series: Honeymoon Adventures-Cefalù, Sicily

by Jenny Ford

AKA- The city that was so beautiful I couldn't stop photographing it, and my new husband almost murdered me.

Yet again, I think it is important to note, that much of the appeal of Sicily for Nick and I was the perfect combination of culture, history, and beachy R&R. While cities like Paris and Barcelona offered more activities and restaurants than one person could ever fully experience in a trip ( or possibly even a lifetime) Cefalu offers a quaint and romantic atmosphere that only a city that is seemingly stuck in time can offer. Of course there is tourism, but nothing like that of a bigger city. 

Needless to say, of all of the cities we visited in Sicily, Cefalu was my absolute favorite. It is tiny, but dear god, is it beautiful. 

For me, one of the most notable draws, beyond the hilly shores, the city built upon the cliffs, and teal blue waters (That is not the photo editing friends!) was the history to be discovered. On the first day we wondered around the city, I noticed what I thought was a really interesting graveyard on the top of the hill the overlooks the city. Nick and I researched it that evening only to find that this one tiny hill is covered in ancient ruins from the many civilizations that had occupied Cefalu in history. What I thought was a graveyard, was actually a wall that once protected the castle of the city. In addition, there are remains of both greek and roman temples on that little hill. Basically, I was totally geeking out.