Series: Honeymoon Adventures - Ortigia, Sicily

by Jenny Ford

After our morning in Palermo, Nick and I packed up in the little smart to take the three hour drive to Orgitia. Palermo is on the north side of the island, and Ortigia is on the South side.  After we once again survived the chaotic streets of Palermo, the drive was beautiful. The Sicilian landscape was nothing but baby blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and rolling hillsides covered with poppies and other varieties of wild flowers. 

When we are arrived in Ortigia, we were met again with impossibly narrow streets, but about 1/16th of the frenzy of Palermo. Ortigia is a tourist destination, and the pace of the city is about as laid back as the vacation mentality.  Our host at the Air BnB was very helpful in sharing with us all of his favorite local spots. 

After settling in to our oh so cool Air BnB, we walked around the city aimlessly, stopping occasionally to look in a shop, eat some gelatto, grab a coffee, or eat some of the best pizza ever. 

And to be honest with you, that is exactly what we did for the entire duration of our stay in Ortigia. We took in the city and the culture, and visited some historic ruins. It is a perfect getaway.