Series: Honeymoon Adventures-Paris to Palermo

by Jenny Ford


MAY 10-12.5

Nick and I spent our last day in Paris exploring. We walked around the Île Saint-Louis, the island right next to the one Notre Dame Cathedral, rests upon. The little island is very quaint and had interesting shops, such at the ones below, including puppet makers and unique pastry and candy stores. We followed this up with a trip to an exhibit on the art of animation at La Gaîté Lyrique, 3bis Rue Papin. The walk to the museum was lovely, but as it was a rainy and chilly day, we chose to find an interesting indoor activity until the sky cleared up a bit.

The exhibition was incredibly interesting and detailed, we probably could have stayed all day if we weren’t so eager to get outside and see more of what Paris had to offer.

As the sun began to reappear, we took the journey to see the Arc de Triomphe and walk the Champs-Élysées.   This is definitely the most touristy part of Paris, and truly wasn’t Nick and I favorite part of the visit, so we didn’t spend too long. However, I’m really glad that we at least took a look at the area. We had a simple dinner and evening at our air BNB to prepare for an early morning and day of traveling to Sicily the following day.

Our flight took us from Paris to Rome and Rome to Palemero. We spent a good portion of the following day in the airport, which we didn’t mind too much, since all of the business of trying to take so much in, in such a short amount of time, can actually be a bit tiring.

Upon arriving at the Palermo airport, we picked up a rental smart car and drove into the city. I had done me best to pre-warn Nick of the tales I had read online about the driving habits of Palermo drivers, but nothing could quite prepare us for what we faced. By some sheer miracle, we survived the anarchy of driving in the city and checked into our hotel.

This pizza is incredible.

This pizza is incredible.

The city of Palermo is unbelievably enchanting and unique, filled with beautifully ornate plazas, gorgeous archways, and historic buildings. It feels like a city stuck in time. Unfortunately, it is also a bit under cared for, and over populated. According to citizens, the unemployment is not a laughing matter, and circumstances have left the city a place to at least be extra cautious with your belongings.  That evening, I decided to leave my things and camera in the hotel as we explored the city and enjoyed the most delicious pizza ever at Frida Pizzeria. (I took the photo from their website.)

The following morning Nick and I grabbed breakfast at our hotel, Palazzo Brunaccini, and explored the city. Around noon we left for Ortigia--- To be continued in the next blog post.