Nico & Jenny's Honeymoon Adventures : Day 2

by Jenny Ford in ,

The week returning from a long trip is always filled with so many "to-dos", errands, and general getting-back-into-the-swing-of-things, but a lot of changes and additions are coming to our blog and business, so be on the look out for those soon!

In the meantime, day 2 of Paris! On the second day of our honeymoon, Nick and I checked another big box on my personal bucket list, which was a trip to the Louvre. It's impossible to see everything in a day, but we did our best to go over the map and make sure that we hit any personal highlights. 

After the Louvre, we passed over Pont des Arts, which famously is covered with "love locks," a really adorable tradition that my bestie was so kind as to share with me before the trip, so Nick and I were able to come prepared. I had a lock engraved for us that I bought from an Esty store, so hopefully our mark will last forever ( or at least until the city needs to cut locks off the prevent to bridge from collapsing:P) 

In addition, the day was filled with delicious food and a very special trip to L'eclair de Genie, something I had been dreaming about ever since I read it's review on TrotterMag. 

Until next time,