Putting systems into place

by Jenny Ford

I've been completely preoccupied the past two weeks gathering, organizing, and writing content for my future clients and business structure/operations. All of the work and research is completely taking over our home, which of course driving me crazy, because I hate it when my place is out of order. I was considering adding a photo, but I'm too ashamed, so I decided to share a cute picture of our dog: day one, WS-NC snowpocalypse instead:P

I have to say though, when it is all finished and together, I know that the systems I will have in place will improve my clients experience, and make me happier as a human being and a business owner. STILL, I can't wait to get it done and be back to the actual "doing the things my business offers" and not just setting up business. 

Stay tuned for a blog in my "Small Business Musings" section about my process of setting up my business operations and structure.

Until next time! Jenny