The Muse & Delphia Design Shop Official Announcement

by Jenny Ford

Guys- It's officially here. A little over a year ago, a little seed was planted that has sprouted and grown into a full blown reality. 

While I don't want to give ALL of the details away, I can say that our business is expanding, we are offering new services for our wedding clients, event clients, and, well, everybody. That's right, we will have something for each and every one of you- wedding planning or not. 

Last month, our renovations began and I've been documenting our progression for a post once all is finished.  Our location was most likely originally an 1930's-1940's Sinclair service station, and at some point became the home of the early stages of the Hauser Rental Company.

For me, the opportunity to work with Joe at LMI builders to renovate this historic property is a dream scenario. When Joe unearthed the stamped tin ceiling, hidden by the previous drop ceiling, we were both sold.  I'm telling you kids, this is the stuff I live for.  

So, without further ado, a few sneak peeks!





Portland Oregon and Learning from Francoise Weeks

by Jenny Ford in

A few weeks ago, I had a fabulous chance to get out of the city to visit my long-harbored dream stop of Portland Oregon. I've had a bit of an Instagram crush on a resident florist, Francoise Weeks,who does the most beautiful and unusual work- a style she refers to as "Woodlands Arrangements." The general idea of the aesthetic is to recreate some in boutique/centerpiece/fashion that might look like something beautiful that you might serendipitously stumble upon in the woods. 

I have made it a point to pick 2 classes a year in dedication to constant growth and creative outlet and the combination of locale and talent could not keep me away. Enjoy the snaps, darlings!