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by Jenny Ford in , ,

Standing at the precipice of beginning a new business can be quite daunting. Should you dip your toes in the water to see if it's warm, or should you jump right in and learn as you go? 

There really isn't a "right" answer. I think us entrepreneurs must prepare to the best of our abilities while learning trust our experience and strengths to get us through uncharted territories. 

Lucky for those of us living in this day and age, we have such amazing resources and materials at our fingertips constantly, aiding in our decision making and informing those leaps of faith, and dips of toes. As much as I love to create my own content, I just had to share this fabulous article by Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride. She shares curated advice from wedding professionals: what they wish they would've known before they started their businesses. Some say they are so happy they grew slowly, and some say they are so fortunate that they hit the ground running. 

I think the most wonderful thing that I could take away from all of the comments of said professionals, is that you just have to do it. Do what you love, and allow yourself to succeed at some ideas and fail at others. Life is a learning process, and experience is the key. You can't be afraid of being wrong sometimes. All of these individuals moved forward. 

So, I say to you, others in my place, whether you leap or dip, just move forward and trust yourself. The only way to walk to the market is to keep taking steps.


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