Daring Delphia is the inspirational blog and commonplace scrapbook of Muse & Delphia : Daring Wedding Design & Production, based in Winston-Salem, NC. It is a compilation of gems found throughout the internet (content will always be credited to its original source) and original articles, advice, materials, and so forth. Thanks for swinging by our neck of the woods!

About Me

The boss babe behind the brand and blog of Muse & Delphia and Daring Delphia, is at my best, a girl with hungry eyes and an humanist. My blog and brand celebrate celebration, devotional love to others, and highly esteems strong aesthetics and good design.

I studied at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking, and concentrated in Production Design.  I love film and filmmaking. I love the genuine moments- stories that inspire the truth, love, grit, and heartaches of life. 

Planning weddings and events are so fulfilling in the same way, with the exception of the fact that our moments are so true, and impacting the lives of the old, the new, the borrowed and blue.

I want to share with others, and help them make their celebrations full of individualism, personality, and to see others fulfill their potentials.

Thanks for reading!