2018 Wedding Trends

by Muse & Delphia

Macrame Decor Elements

The New Age Bohemian style is sure to be common among crowds who love a relaxed feel with a slightly refined look. Macrame details on tablescapes, in hair accessories, and even on cakes will be seen throughout the year to come. Pair these intricate braided designs with simple greenery and mid-century decor for a relaxed, but modern look.  


Dramatic Cascading Bouquets

In years past we have seen small, round, tight bouquets going down the aisle. In 2017 we saw things start to loosen up a bit with more hand-tied styles and in 2018 it’s getting even better. Bouquets will big large and dramatic with cascading greenery and romantic deep hued flowers. As dress designs have started to simplify there is more room to be more adventurous with bouquet designs. Be sure to keep an eye out for unconventional foliage in floral designs as well, like succulents, airplants, and even some carnivorous venus fly traps!


Worldly Food and Late Night Snacks

The days of stuffy three course banquet style meals are behind us. Bring your wedding menu into the 21st century with an updated multicultural spread. Use the Bride and Groom’s favorite foods as inspiration. Guests are sure to love a build your own taco or burger bar.


Late night snacks have been a growing trend in 2017 and will absolutely continue into 2018 and hopefully beyond. If you want to dance ‘til dawn you and your guests will need that extra fuel to keep the party going. A food truck or simple pizza delivery are sure to be popular choices.

Alternative Dress Options

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses have been a great way to allow your friends to display some personality on the big day. Going into 2018 however, these alternative outfit ideas are great for brides who don’t find the pure white ball gown to fit their true selves.  Everything from non-traditional colors to pant-suits and jumpers have been growing in popularity and look amazing. We especially love this Lela Rose two piece pant suit.