A New Fashioned Wedding Gift: Boudoir Photography

by Jenny Ford in , , ,

Today I want to share one of my favorite wedding trends, boudoir photography. As most of us know, if from no other source than "Father of the Bride," there does happen to be an old tradition of the bride and groom giving each other a gift on the wedding day. While this is a tradition that many brides and grooms may overlook nowadays, and understandably so with the overall costs of a wedding, and rings, and a honeymoon, I think the boudoir book may just be one of my favorite ideas ever.

While this can be a beautiful and private gesture to the groom (or bride! I am so looking forward to that trend!) it really is a gift to the bride as well. The experience of a boudoir shoot often opens a women's eyes to her own beauty as well as captures an amazing time in the bride and grooms life that they will both likely cherish forever. 

I know in my own short 29 years of life, I can say that I have always been hyper critical of my own body. When I was 19-20-21, I was at the height of my insecurities, but when I look at photos of myself now, I think "Oh my god, I was so beautiful. Why didn't I embrace it when I was younger? I wasted so much time being insecure."

And that is part of the magic of a boudoir shoot. I do hope that when my husband and I are 70, we can look back on those photos, and re-exeperience those intimate feelings of being so young and so in love. But, I also know that doing a shoot isn't just for the future, and it isn't just for my husbands delight & thrill, but it is also about loving and embracing your beauty TODAY. It's a WAY better gift than a blender.

Photography by : Chelsea Clayton Photography. For information on booking go to WWW.CHELSEACLAYTON.COM || Model, hot wife, and fabulous make up artist: Morgan Fulk.