Considering your Guests

by Jenny Ford

Considering your wedding guests is one of the most important wedding elements, but it is a bit of a tricky topic for me. I say this because, there is a very fine, almost invisible line, standing between a bride or groom relinquishing his or her vision to a guest with a loud opinion (often a very close family member), and not considering guests at all while making some big decisions for "your" day.

A whole blog post can ( and probably will be) written strictly about how to deal with special guests with loud opinions, but today I want to focus on a bride and groom's responsibilities as hosts. 

While a wedding is a very special affair unlike any other, it is still ultimately a celebration of a major life event in which you are inviting your closest friends and loved ones to share with you. If you do not want to consider the needs and happiness of a large number of people on your wedding day, and truly want it to be all and only about you and your spouse, I highly recommend a private ceremony or elopement. ( Which is a wonderful and beautiful thing!) 

However, when you bring guests into the occasion of a wedding ceremony and reception, I think it is smart to think of it as you are inviting friends over to dinner. When a friend comes over, you typically consider their general needs and well being. Do they have food allergies, is the temperture comfortable for them, are they being entertained, are you offering them things they enjoy?  I am completely aware that is is impossible to make everyone happy when you scale up the # of guests, but simply stated, these are things you should be thinking about when planning for your guests.

That being said, I wanted to share with my awesome readers a great article to get you thinking about the choices you make while planning your event and help you take into consideration some of the biggest gripes of wedding guests. 

Top Ten Wedding Guest Complaints