TRENDING NOW: The Get Away Dress

by Lauren Coffey

 Happy Tuesday, lovelies! Here at Muse & Delphia, we gleefully relish throwing the rulebook from a speeding train, and steadfastly believe that your dream wedding is yours and your true love's alone, regardless of what tradition dictates.  Yet, I've been thinking a lot about wedding conventions as of late, which to include, which to bend or which to break entirely.  Some traditions are a sweet salute to the sepia toned past while others are best left to age gracefully in the twilight. One faded custom that I've always been enchanted by is the "Get Away Dress,"  the outfit the bride changes into before she makes her glorious exit to a magic honeymoon ride with her newly minted husband immediately following the reception. 

The get away dress tradition is something that's fallen off a bit over recent years, as many brides choose to stay in their one and only gown for as long as they possibly can, or because there's simply not a need for one as the newlyweds may not be leaving for their honeymoon extravaganza until the following day or even a few days later. 

However, more and more brides are choosing to resurrect the romance of the get away dress. After all, when does a girl usually get the chance to wear two amazing dresses in one night? The best part is, if you feel like adding a little vintage to your night but don't want to be absolutely traditional, the get away dress doesn't even have to be white! So without further ado, some of my favorite get away dresses from around the internet:

 Sweet & Dainty Grace

A Little Boho Romance

Color Me Beautiful

Daring & Elegant Lines

So what do you think?  After sampling some of these lovely frocks, will YOU bring back the get away dress trend? Let us know in the comments below! 



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