Flower of the Moment: The Freesia

by Lauren Coffey

What girl doesn't melt even a little bit at the sight of a bouquet of fresh flowers? The answer is none. None girls. Even if you're "not really a flower type of girl", chances are that you would not eschew a nosegay of wildflowers with a firm hand.  Here at Muse & Delphia, we admit to wholehearted girly fits of joy over flowers of all shapes and sizes, married together in all sorts of bouquets.

One bloom I'm completely enamored with right now is the freesia. It positively bursts with sweet late spring/summer vibes and currently, the long dog days of August. I've definitely been ogling them every time I'm in Trader Joe's this past month, but of course, the floral department of that store is always a problem for me.  Seriously, I have to restrain myself or I would buy all of the flowers, all of the time. 

There's just something about the freesia that looks so, well, free! It is as free, pure and wild as its African heritage, brightening up any surrounding with multicolored joy abounding. What is so delightful about freesias is that their upward reaching blooms deliver such elegance to any bouquet while still making an eye-catching statement in your carefree bundle of wildflowers or eloquent garden buds. After all, they are just as comfortable wrapped in silk and lace as they are in burlap or a simple ribbon.

So, whether you've got your heart set on a petite posy or a large bouquet, the sheer and sweetly scented freesia is a lovely addition to consider in any late summer festoon!

What do you think? After all the eye candy, does your heart now patter with love for the vibrant freesia? Let us know in the comments below! 



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